Let That Sh*t Go...A New Year's Message

Do you have a special tradition to ring in the New Year? As this is the last day of 2016, we are taking a look in the rear view mirror of this past year and evaluating the goodness of it. Or maybe the not so goodness of it.

This year, more than any other year that I can recall, the political landscape has stirred up deep-rooted emotions in us that has created fear, anger and has ignited firestorms in our conversations with others and on social media.  On top of all this, we have our own personal life that may have produced significant challenges to our own health or the health of someone we love. We may have experienced deep loss. If 2016 was one of those years you want to just “let go” or “let it be the worst it ever gets” (yes… I actually saw this on social media), perhaps we could rewire our thinking or look differently in that rear view mirror?


How about this?     Let that shit go!  This is my new favorite catch-phrase that we see everywhere and it’s poignant don’t you think? I realize there are things in life that pose huge challenges but let’s be open to looking at it clearly.


I am all for letting go. I’m a yogi and I’m pretty good at it. I’m pretty good at teaching this concept in my classes. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. We have to learn from what we are letting go of.  If we don’t learn from what challenges us, what angers us, what invokes fear in us, we will not grow as human beings. We will stay stuck in judgement and fear. And then we can’t experience really what resides true inside of ourselves.

Here are my thoughts and perhaps a new tradition for ringing in the New Year…

1)     Take a look in that rearview mirror and acknowledge ALL of 2016…. The good, the bad, the ugly.

2)     Take the good and appreciate every bit of it. Savor, love and remember it.

3)     Take the bad and ugly and let IT go….  Contemplate all of it and find the bits that will help you learn about yourself and be better. And I don’t mean be better in 2017… I just mean be better.


So my message here is simple really... Ringing in the New Year is magnificent as it allows us to have hope for the upcoming year and to say good bye to the previous year. Ring in 2017 with an open heart and the learnings from all of 2016 and have gratitude for the moments that brought you peace and joy.

 Sending love and wishes to you and yours for a Happy New Year!