It Takes a Team… Special Acknowledgements

The Yoga and Cancer program and this website is possible because of many who have given their time, support and have been committed to the successful growth of Yoga and Cancer. A special thanks to the following who have been an integral part of this journey.

SATYA (Seacoast Area Teachers of Yoga in Action) for funding these classes and providing scholarships to teachers for specialized training.  With this support, Yoga and Cancer became one of SATYA’s outreach programs enabling one Yoga and Cancer class to expand into the program it is today.

Before SATYA…

A generous donor and friend who gave a substantial donation to the Yoga and Cancer Program to cover the initial annual funding of three Yoga and Cancer classes. 

My beautiful twin daughters Olivia and Jenna who each contributed in their unique ways.  Olivia who researched and wrote an essay about breast cancer because she needed to write down what was in her heart. She is the spirit behind this program. Read my blog to learn how her essay inspired me to start Yoga and Cancer. Jenna for unknowingly drawing an image that I would eventually use as the official Yoga and Cancer logo. The message of the logo is the heart of this program.

Special friend Scott Prevost of Cowabunga Media who spent hours of his own time transforming Jenna’s original drawing on lined paper into a beautiful image quality logo.

Chris Rioux of Chris Rioux Photography for the beautiful pictures of our Yoga and Cancer class at Prasada and other in-studio pictures that appear throughout the website. Kelli Gray of Kelli Gray Photography for my headshot photos and for capturing in photos the essence of my teaching the Yoga and Cancer classes. 

Suzanne Pieklik whose gift of this website will make it possible to extend the Yoga and Cancer community to all who visit our site.  I am grateful for all the time we spent together designing, writing and editing content. She is a gem and I hold her dear to my heart.

I would like to thank all the students of the Yoga and Cancer class at Prasada Yoga Center who graciously allowed their picture to be taken for the website and for all the support they give by sharing their personal experiences with others so more people can learn about the therapeutic benefits of yoga. These students inspire me more than they will ever know.

Finally such heartfelt gratitude for the Yoga and Cancer program teachers who consistently give so much of themselves to our clients so that they can have the best possible experience in our classes.