Who we are:

SATYA is a non-profit 501C(3) tax exempt organization with a mission to increase access to therapeutic yoga for at-risk and vulnerable populations in our Seacoast community.

We envision a future where all members of our community have access to the profound therapeutic potential of yoga regardless of social, physical, and financial barriers.

The meaning of Satya…

Satya is the Sanskrit word for truth.  Sat means the eternal unchanging truth beyond all knowing. Ya is the activating suffix which means do it. By this definition, satya is “actively expressing and being in harmony with ultimate truths.” For many years the Seacoast yoga community has come together in truth to address the needs in our local, Strafford, Rockingham and York counties. We have accomplished this through free yoga classes, community service and fundraisers for local charities. Are you interested in becoming a teacher for SATYA’s outreach programs? Visit seacoastsatya.com for more information.

How does SATYA support Yoga and Cancer?

SATYA provides funding for all Yoga and Cancer classes so that patients, survivors and caregivers have access to free or low cost therapeutic yoga in a community setting.  SATYA also provides scholarships and training to support instructors who teach in this Program. Founder and President of SATYA Rochelle Jewell as well as other members in the community share a vision to increase access to therapeutic yoga for diverse populations.  Visit the SATYA site to meet our  Board members and learn about the many yoga outreach programs we support.