Attending the Yoga and Cancer class is simply wonderful.  Michelle teaches the perfect blend of gentle poses that stretch and strengthen but leaves room for relaxation.  She is also extremely thoughtful in taking into account individual needs.  This class is especially welcoming, supportive and highly recommended.
— Suzanne
I have been a very active student of Michelle’s since the beginning - from a healthy student to one diagnosed with breast cancer, a bi-lateral mastectomy and months of chemotherapy. Michelle paved my horrific journey with such profound healing that words cannot express. The family Michelle creates in the studio is so therapeutic, supportive and warm - every care giver and family member I invite is in awe
of how lucky I am. Namaste. (And much LOVE!)
— Patti
My visits at the Yoga and Cancer classes are very helpful with strenghtening and healing of my whole body. I am less stressed and sleep better as well. I am always reluctant to try new things but so happy my daughter encouraged me to attend.
— LInda
I’ve recently joined the yoga and cancer class with Janis in Portsmouth. Although I’ve been a survivor
for many years, I still have problems with lymphedema and this class definitely helps with lymphatic movement and drainage. It’s also beginning to strengthen my back and abs, weakened from reconstruction. Janis is a compassionate teacher and always offers modifications to movements. But my favorite part is the relaxation at the end of the class — I feel so much better and more productive when I return to work. I don’t know why any cancer patient or survivor wouldn’t want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Thanks for making this class possible.
— Robbie L.
I joyfully and gratefully  attend the weekly Yoga and Cancer class at the Portsmouth Center for Yoga and the Arts.  Our teacher, Janis Sheldon, is a kind, knowledgeable and gifted teacher.  Her nurturing presence and careful guidance create the safe space I need for inner work and healing.   The caring group experience supports being able to more fully live into our basic well-being and wholeness.  What a blessing!
— Jennifer
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Michelle Couture was the kindest, most supportive person I could have connected with during that tumultuous time. Fast forward after surgery and while I was going through chemo I received an email from Michelle letting me know that she was starting a yoga class for women going through cancer. While I was reluctant to go (am I strong enough? will I be able to keep up?) the impact of those classes remain with me. Unlike a support group, I was with a group of people who shared something similar yet it was not at the forefront of our conversation. We knew what each of us were or had faced and that was enough. The class itself was truly moving. Michelle created a space of time for us to breathe, relax and give us peace, As I neared my complete healing Michelle encouraged me to attend other yoga classes at Prasada Yoga Center, she was intuitive enough to know I was ready to step out of the nest to rejoin others. I am selfish to admit there are times that I’d like to go to the Yoga & Cancer class but I will save my space for someone who needs it. If you know of anyone who could benefit from peace, relaxation and strengthening of spirit - Yoga and Cancer is the place they will find it.
— Jeannette
When I first came to Yoga and Cancer classes nearly two years ago, I was hoping to find a way to become stronger and more flexible. And, indeed, I am learning how to do this. What I also found was a sanctuary. This practice, the community and our teachers have helped deepen my self-care and cherish my life.
— Jennifer