The creation of this website is an expression of my deepest gratitude for the Yoga and Cancer Program.  My journey with this program began when I saw a message on my local studio’s website offering a specialized yoga and cancer class. Since my diagnosis, my experience with yoga had been less than ideal.  I tried attending a basic class, but I did not have the strength or energy to participate.  The yoga and cancer class proved to be different.  I was able to fully participate and felt especially welcomed, supported and inspired.  At a time when everything seemed so out of control, my body, mind and spirit experienced profound benefits from practicing this specialized yoga. My gratitude to Yoga and Cancer and all that yoga has given me is immense.

Recently, I have explored ways in which to contribute to the cancer community, but without finding a way that felt right.  Yet, as I have watched this Program expand to other locations and extend its immeasurable benefits to so many individuals, it felt natural to gift a dedicated Yoga and Cancer website.  It is my small way to say “Thank You” to an amazing yoga community and to help expand its message even further.

With all my heart, I hope that this website is the beginning of an amazing journey for you into this special yoga community!